Raw castings

Every detail is carefully inspected by our operators before going to the following phase.

Motor windings contruction

Motor windings contruction is made by completely automatic machines.

C.N.C machining

Testing measures and balancing rotor shaft

Finished rotor shaft for assembling

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G20/G25 cast iron or AISI 304 stainless steel pump body according to the model.

Motor bracket, connecting electric motor and pump body, made of G20/G25 cast iron or sometimes of alluminium alloy.

Impeller can be made, according to the electric pump model, of G20/G25 cast iron, of pressed brass alloy, of noryl strenghened with glass fiber (GFN2V), of AISI 304 stainless steel or bronze.

Motor shaft is assembled on ball bearings of permanent lubrification type with two protecting shields. All different models of surface electropump mount a high-quality ceramic/graphite mechanical seal.

Enclosed and self-ventilated induction eletric motor with short-circuit rotor, two poles, whose construction pattern is B3 or B5, suitable for continuous duty, IP 44 protection degree and class B insulation for nominal power inferior oe equal to 0,88 kW (1,2 HP) and class F insulation for nominal power superior to 0,88 kW. Single phase electric motor have a permanently connected capacitor; users are always charged with the electric protection for all types of electric pumps. Operation data in the present catalogue have to be deemed with clean water temperature 15C, volumetric mass of 1 kg/dm3, atmospheric pressure (100 kPa), suction lift of 0 m.

Cs Waterpumps reserves the right to make modifications without notice. Therefore weights, dimensions, performances and any other stated issues are indicative only and not binding.


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